Channeling the Voice for God


Read how Erin's gifts have helped others.



Read how Erin's gifts have helped others.

Tuesday night at (Erin Michelle’s) Conscious Community of the light I experienced a miracle. I came to the meeting even though I was in much pain. I came with a negative attitude and kept it during the channeling. I asked questions that have been bothering me. Questions that were full of doubt and anxiety. When the channeling was finished I realized the pain was gone. I did nothing to earn this miracle.  It happened with no input from me, I didn’t even ask for it. It was a gift of grace, all I had to do was show up. ~ With love and gratitude,

Vicki F.

Erin is simply amazing! Her channeling of The Master has accelerated my spiritual growth so much in such a short time. Love her!

Allan M.

A channeling session that felt completely uplifting, resonant, restorative and loving. Erin Michelle beautifully demonstrates that we are all the One divine channel. She is also a bright demonstration of fulfilling a function devoid of ego. Through witness and presence it shines the way, clearing all the paths that do not serve.

Karly S.

Erin’s channeled messages spoke to my soul. Ego may find the messages hard to accept and understand at first, but by putting ego aside we can all ascend in raising the consciousness of the planet. Erin’s gift is a true blessing.

Ellen V.

Erin is an amazing channel who is filled with love and compassion. On multiple occasions, I had the privilege of hearing her share guidance and words of wisdom that benefitted all in attendance. I have witnessed profound healing and comfort when Erin responded to specific inquiries about an individual’s life. All in the room received the healing energy that she offered too. It is always an incredibly uplifting experience to be a part of her workshops.

Lisa G.

The messages and confirmations I received were amazing and gave me so much hope. Because of you, I have been able to get back on track through this major life transition. I have told many others of what I experienced, and I am so grateful for the work you are doing.

Sharon R.

Through Erin Galito’s gifted channeling, I feel like I’ve gotten to know the archangels, and I’ve discovered them to be wise, witty, and incredibly loving. Not only do they graciously answer personal requests for guidance from those attending, but also they freely share the startling truths of our world, our place in it, and the wonderful future to come. I’ve never left a workshop where I didn’t feel absolutely joyous and profoundly changed.

Pam P.

The Guidance I received from the Angelic Realm was so beautiful…always on the path of unconditional Love.

Joyce H.

Erin Michelle is one of the most pure, loving, and powerful channels of our present time. The information that she receives through The Highest Order of the Light is of the highest vibration and directly from God. It sheds light on how ego and fear have imprisoned us in the past and how we can become free from that illusion and instead choose to connect to the energy and true power of God. I am extremely grateful to both Erin and The Highest Order of the Light for giving me insight, understanding, and tools on how to let go of the baggage of the past and connect with God fully, so that I can live the Divine Plan of my life right now!

Sharon I.