John B

Thank you for this message and thank you again for the wonderful ACIM class on Saturday. I just am so enthralled by what I learned again from your responses to the beautiful questions.

You are giving so much clarity to daily living, and I feel such an opening in terms of my ability to navigate my experiences based on your consistent and precise explanations of the reality of who I am.

I'm in awe of how liberating it is.

I've spent my whole life on a religious–and now spiritual path, and I find your explanations to be such a breakthrough of the confinement I have felt all my life. I think there was so much guilt in my understanding of God and who I am, and now that that is gradually shedding from my experience, I feel like I can breathe and just live my life, knowing that I am embraced in the love of God, no matter what unfolds moment to moment in each day.

Ann B

I have been soaking up each video - I feel like these teachings are really simple and clear but the most challenging I have encountered which makes me think I am on the right path! So grateful!

Kate P

I just wanted to tell you how much your videos have helped me. I have been steeping in them the past few weeks and can really feel a shift. I’ve been studying ACIM for about 16 years and feel that the matter-of-fact way the material is presented through you takes things to a new level. I so appreciate you putting yourself out there on YouTube. It seems very brave to me.

Jack M

Thank you. Thank you from the depths of my Heart. Thank you so much for your generosity and your Love, Erin. I am lightening up!

Jane W

So blessed to have found you here. I have been listening to you on YouTube for around 2 months now and you touch my mind and heart in such a confirming way. Things I felt and know my whole life and to hear you speak this truth is beyond beautiful. Thank you and so much love and gratitude sent your way always

Nimesh V

Dear beloved sister - thank you so much for being this amazing instrument for these wonderful guidance to come through and helping us lost sheep find our way home to be one with the father

Darren J

There are so many channelers for Jesus and they are all doing their part in relaying the message.

Erin you are an exceptionally clear channel, the messages you deliver are clear direct and unequivocal. All of your discussions are so helpful and resonate deeply within my being… If that makes sense, you are always completely consistent with ACIM and my other 2 favorite all-time books by Brent Haskell, Journey Beyond Words and The Other Voice both authored by Jesus/ Jeshua.

Thank you so much Erin for all the work you are doing, you are appreciated more than you could ever know.

Carmelo B

I’m equally grateful for what you do as I believe it’s important work in order to help us awaken to our true reality. There are few people on this earth that speak of truth, real truth in the way you do as your vibration is high. Your patience is infinite and your sense of humor is delightful.

Although I don’t always appear on your calls, I take the time to listen to them in my studio as I create my paintings. Of course that frequency is then transmuted through my work and unto others viewing the work.

Louise B

Thank you dear Erin. I have so much gratitude for the teaching of Jesus, all-encompassing and coming from everywhere, saying the same message again and again… We are the dreamer of the dream, the suffering can be over and it is… I want the Peace and the Love of God above all else, the healing of the One mind. Amen

Javier F

Thank you for your amazing work.

Silvia C

During the last two years you helped me overall to become much, much more kind and forgiving towards myself. It doesn’t necessarily always translate into form and “evidence,” but I can feel it building a foundation in the back of my mind.

Last session I felt very ill and thanks to you “I am not a body, it can not be so” and “all is well in truth” become one of my first reactions. How grand and life-changing is that!

Thanks to you I begin to truly see that a human experience and human emotions and human mistaken thinking and acting do not stop or alter truth/God. Yet I strive (to be) more determined to align with truth in thinking and acting.

PS: The book you channeled is with me every day and an immediate and powerful guide when I seem to forget again.

Shiela R

I love listening to your Master Jesus Speaks videos on YouTube. I have always loved and felt a connection with Jesus. I would love to feel more connected with Jesus, and feel I need to learn to love myself more. I am a senior citizen, and have been a carer all my life. I now feel it’s time to allow myself more time to be and not do so much. Thank you for all you are doing to help raise consciousness.

Rose O

Thank you so much for the beautiful Jesus channelings. It is really helping my understanding of (A Course in Miracles) and I am feeling happier. I am grateful for you and all you share.

Giorgia M

I read your message every single day and I always find it appropriate. I want to believe I'm changing deep inside even if no major change has taken place yet. It's not easy to find inside what I've always looked for outside. Thank you so much.

Bradley D

I’m so thankful that I was fortunate enough to cross paths with your page Erin. The information that you consistently bring through each day always resonates so deeply as I’m sure it does with many others as well.

Some days I hold these wise words that y’all so lovingly share closer than on others and am able to quickly utilize the simple methods That are always suggested, allowing me to keep my peace and assisting me with loosening my grip a bit and smiling knowing all is well.

Other days I choose to suffer a bit for the sake of the human experience but the gentleness I feel I’ve absorbed just by keeping up with y’all now for a while has helped me do away with a whole lot of unnecessary weight I’ve always unintentionally carried.

So I just want to show my appreciation for all points of consciousness involved in sharing these words that have seem to help the most within my experience.

Kim J

I am enjoying the format (of the ACIM with Jesus sessions). Thank you for this work. I learn every time a bit more.

Aurora H

This particular message was like a balm for the soul. It's still in my inbox so that I can read it again and again whenever I open email. I'm so happy to get these daily messages! Thank you!

Mark B

I will tell you dear Erin, it is through your book and recordings and of course channeling that gave me the experience of the smaller-than-breath distance between us and God.

I have had many experiences, gifts, or revelations or whatever they be called, but it is the emphasis in your book and channels on the importance of being lighthearted that put me over the edge for a better phrase. I've never ran across that importance that I can remember in any other teachings. And of course there is so much love in your book.