Essays of the Light

Scribed by Erin Michelle Galito


“The book you channeled is with me everyday and an immediate and powerful guide when I seem to forget again.”
       ~ Silvia C.

“You were never meant to remain ignorant to the presence of God, nor to the energy within you that is God. You were never meant to experience struggle, pain, or anything like this. Instead, you were meant to live a life filled with wellbeing, joy, and love.

"We are here to assist in the awakening of all people to the awareness of God within all. The time is now to wake up, for what is coming is much greater than has been previously allowed or believed. It is happening. It is a culmination of God's will, as well as that of humans, for the asking of this to occur has been going on for so long. God hears this, and so it is time. Somewhere within all humans there is a knowing that it is time for the total awakening.”

-The Ascended Masters and the Archangels

These essays are channeled messages to assist you in your Awakening. The Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and all of the Highest Order of the Light have provided wisdom, practices, and processes to help you to grow in your awareness and understanding of the Truths of God. You will be guided to release yourself from the confusion of the ego consciousness in order to ascend into the Golden Age.

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