Channeling the Voice for God


Erin Michelle knew from the beginning that she came to the earth plane with a mission and a purpose.



Erin Michelle knew from the beginning that she came to the earth plane with a mission and a purpose.

From Erin Michelle Galito's channeled book, Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for your Ascension:

Even as a child, she was caught in the duality of knowing this plane of existence is an illusion and, at the same time, believing it to be real. Over and over, she voiced her yearning for Home. Erin wanted to return to God.

This did not make for an easy life. Sensitive and empathic, living was often painful. Erin knew that God was with her, and yet she was in a constant search for God. She felt lost, but at the same time, Erin could absolutely and tangibly sense that she was not alone. Even in her darkest moments, she could feel the connection. Always drawing from her Source, she knew there was more to this self, this person called Erin, than what she could see and feel in the physical world.

Erin had a dream that was particularly vivid and prophetic for her. In the dream, she entered a temple in ancient Egypt. Inside were temple guards and people wearing the head of the Egyptian god Ra. The guards led her further into the temple, and it immediately sank into the sea. The guards took her to a chamber with other women, and Erin knew that these other women and she were waiting to see who would be chosen to marry the king’s son. She was taken elsewhere and she saw God, appearing as the classic artist’s depiction of an old man with white curly hair and a beard. This enabled her to recognize that this was God. Erin asked God how the temple could be raised up, and He said, “Marry my son and do all that he tells you to do, and that is how the temple will be raised once again.” Erin agreed, and then woke up. She knew that God was speaking metaphorically about Jesus Christ (The Master Yeshua) and that she was to marry the ways of Christ, live them, and do all that Jesus (The Master Yeshua) tells her to do.

As a young child, Erin began channeling through automatic writing. When she was a teenager, Erin began to hear her guides saying, “Wake up, Erin! Wake up!” Eventually, she had full clairvoyant vision and could see holographic images of angels, archangels, ascended masters, and other beings of the Light. These guides told Erin, “You’re a Crystal child!”

Erin made attempts at moving forward in the way that society expected of her, but every college and career experience came to a dramatic and decisive end. She could not understand why these strange things kept happening to her.

A sudden and severe onset of vertigo landed Erin in the hospital for a week. After an emergency MRI, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). During this period, her awakening continued. She was shown many things at this time, much of which cannot be described in words. She learned that the world is an illusion and only exists in the mind.

As Erin began to heal, she took a job in a consignment shop to ground herself back into the physical world. One afternoon at work, she was bathed with what she describes as a “beyond-incredible” golden energy, full of the unconditional love and peace of God. Erin realized it was Jesus Christ (The Master Yeshua). She remained in a state of pure bliss until she realized she could not leave her coworker by herself to handle all of the customers. Before she snapped out of it completely, Erin heard Jesus (The Master Yeshua) say, “It is time to do the work you came here to do.” The following day, she turned in her notice at work.

After leaving her job, Erin sat down to her computer, closed her eyes, and let the energy move her hands. She was amazed at the beautiful words that began with, “Hear the voice of God.” As time went on, Erin had her first vocal channeling experience. Archangel Uriel channeled that Erin had made a contract with the archangels before coming into the earth plane, and that she was to fulfill this contract as a channel for them. Many of her original channeled recordings were turned into her book, "Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension."

Erin is an ordained minister in the Sanctuary of the Beloved Church, located in Conesus, NY. She continues to channel on a daily basis. The messages from the Light are ever expanding and for the purpose of Awakening, which is occurring in the earth plane at this time.