Channeling the Voice for God

Channeling the Truth of God for the World


Channeling the Truth of God for the World

Erin Michelle Galito is a mystic and a spiritual channel for The Master Jesus. Erin Michelle delivers messages of wisdom, love, joy, hope, and peace that lovingly and firmly guide humanity to return to God and the Oneness of all. She has dedicated her life to delivering the messages and teachings of Light that Jesus has for the world.

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Erin Michelle Galito has dedicated her life to service to God. Recently there was a death in my family that has made it necessary for me to make a long distance move at the end of October. I will not be holding anymore sessions through the month of November to allow for the move and to get the equipment working in my new home. I hope to be back up and running in December for Master Jesus Speaks and ACIM with Jesus! We will keep you updated once we have solidified the new dates and are back to holding sessions. Thank you so much for your understanding. Love and blessings always, Erin Michelle Galito 💕💕💕
All classes are held over Zoom. For more information, email