Channeling the Voice for God


Every moment presents an opportunity and a choice.



Every moment presents an opportunity and a choice.

Work with The Master Yeshua (Jesus) channeled through Erin Michelle Galito. With extensive experience as a spiritual channel and a vast history of client success, Erin Michelle Galito's gifts in Channeled Spiritual Counseling will assist you in your Awakening. Erin Michelle has led channeled workshops at Unity of Peace, Clifton, VA; Bonita Woods Wellness Institute, Falls Church, VA; The Indigos and Sensitives Support Group at Unity of Fairfax, VA; Asfaleia Center, Scottsdale, AZ, Unity Five Cities, Arroyo Grande, CA, and Peaceful Point, Arroyo Grande, CA .


Conscious Community of the Light (CCOTL)™

Conscious Community of the Light (CCOTL)™ provides a safe, nurturing, heart-centered environment for those who desire to join with others to go deeper in their spiritual Awakening.

Conscious Community of the Light™ members join together weekly to hear the Universal Wisdom of Master Yeshua (Jesus), as channeled through mystic Erin Michelle Galito. Members participate in Question & Answer sessions focused on the current channeled message, as well as share in the progress and challenges they experience in their daily lives. Messages from the Master may also be emailed throughout the week. Meetings include group meditation, worksheets, and discussion to support members in their spiritual growth.

Where: New location coming soon!
When: New date and time coming soon!
Course Fees:
$5 USD per session per week, or $20 USD for 4 sessions.
To join the channeled message live online send Erin a message at for more details.

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Let the Teachings and Guidance of The Master Yeshua help you move through old, negative patterns in order to release them to the Light so you can begin to see that Heaven is already here. If your group is interested in working with the channeled teachings of The Master Yeshua, Erin Michelle is available for in-person workshops. Please email her at for more details.

Channeled Spiritual Counseling

The Master Yeshua (Jesus) provides spiritual guidance, channeled through Erin Michelle Galito. Sessions are in person, over Facetime, over WhatsApp, or over the phone: 30 minutes-$250; 1 hour-$325. A link to access a recording of the session will be provided.

To schedule an appointment with Erin Michelle Galito, email