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Love Yourself by Choosing Your Thoughts Wisely

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Dear Ones,

Care for yourself, extending love into everything that you engage in. No matter what you seem to be doing, place love there. Become aware of Love’s Presence, extending Love’s Presence, rather than being absent-minded and going about things as though you are asleep.

Questioner: So, it’s about feeling appreciation in every moment?

Absolutely! Instead of judging, catch the judgmental thoughts immediately, and turn to Love. If you find yourself in the midst of any kind of judgment about anything, turn to appreciation. It is that simple, but it does take your willingness to align with appreciation, rather than judgment.

Questioner: So, let’s say you’re experiencing something uncomfortable like a person reacting to you, or you’re experiencing physical discomfort. Are you to turn your mind away from what you’re experiencing, as best you can, appreciating what is going right in your life? Or are you to see that the experience is not part of Truth, and try and appreciate what really is Truth?

All of the above. Whatever technique helps you to move quickly out of any dismal experience you may seem to be having. Instead of dwelling on and wallowing in what you seem to be experiencing, find something–anything!–to take your mind off of what is causing discomfort. Turn to Truth instead, which is the Love That You Are, and is the Presence of Love Itself. This does take your commitment to maintaining awareness, rather than falling back asleep.

It is always important to be conscious of the thoughts that are coming into your mind, and you are fully capable of guiding your thoughts. You do not need to listen to the negative thoughts that run rampant in the mind and are so familiar to you. Instead, turn toward something new. The only way you can experience a real shift, is to make the decision to experience something different by thinking different thoughts. So, if you are in the midst of familiar thoughts that are negative in any way, think about something else, something new. It can be anything. Don’t get hung up on perfectionism, trying to make it completely different. Even if you’re thinking of something the mind might judge as “stupid,” say to yourself “This will make me feel lighter, because I’m not focused on anything negative that I was feeling previously.”

To care for yourself, to care for your mind, is to choose your thoughts wisely. No longer let the thoughts that are roaming around in your mind be the ones that you grab hold of. By this we mean, when you notice your thoughts are negative in any way, hand them over to the Holy Spirit, and say, “This does not have to be this way. This cannot be this way! I will turn my mind to something greater. My Creator is of Love and Joy. I, in Truth, am One with this, and that’s what I seek to align myself with, here and now. That is all I want to do; that is all that I want. I have no other goals but alignment with my Creator.”

It does take your willingness to experience happiness, your willingness to experience freedom, your willingness to experience peace, and joy, and love. It is very important that this be your singular focus: that which uplifts, that which brings you higher, that which brings you closer to All That You Truly Are, which is your True Expression. God’s True Expression of you is always at peace with life, and love, and joy forever.

We love you. Namaste.

Channeled by Erin Michelle Galito


  1. 1glowinglight on December 7, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    Blessings Erin for your beautiful extension of the Christ we are one with.

  2. David Wilson on February 4, 2020 at 1:38 am

    One reason why I find this blog entry to be helpful is because it tells about raising vibrational level. I have heard about the need for this an awful lot, but I had never really heard it clearly indicated, just what it means or how it is accomplished. Thank you, Erin, and Yeshua !

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