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Lessons In Love

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Dear Ones,

Whenever the mind turns to thoughts of any kind of punishment, recognize that this is a point to choose again by turning to Love. Ask, “How would Love view this, knowing that Love always feels like kindness and gentleness?” Love’s lessons are gentle and healing for the mind. Love always intends upliftment for you. Turn to these feelings, these vibrations, for they are always of Light. Shake off the old baggage of guilt, punishment, anger, worry, resentment and the like that you have accumulated whilst in the illusion of being other than Love. Trust that Love is calling you back. Its goal for you is peace of mind, gentleness of heart, and all that comes with unconditional Love.

We cannot even speak of your worthiness, for it is far beyond words. It is inexpressible, really. We can show you reflections of your worthiness, though, through miracles, all of which flow from Love. Open yourself to this flow. Let go of the confusion swirling around the seeming mistakes that were whispered to you by the little mind that truly does not exist. You child, exist eternally in Love and Life, which are synonymous. This does not require your belief, but you do for the healing of your mind back to the Truth of your being. Let all the dark secrets of guilt, blame, anger, etc, that you may hold in your mind–all the lies and temptations away from Love–rise to the surface, allowing them be exposed to Love ItSelf. They are nothing, really, and Love will shine the Light of Truth upon all temptations, all illusions, revealing that there is only Love. Darkness is dispelled because Love reveals that darkness and illusions were never there at all. You are left only with Truth, which Is Love, which is you. Namaste. 

Channeled by Erin Michelle Galito


  1. randy stump on September 13, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    No better start to any day than with Truth about ourselves.

  2. Anonymous on September 13, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    YES !! This message is pure awesome Infinite Love Intelligence expressing to all !! YAY GOD !!!

    Letting it ALL ( known and unknown , seen and previously hidden , harmonious and dissonant aspects of all ) rise up to be fully 100% exposed openly freely loosely joyously unto Omnipresent Source God LoveLight , the Ultimate Universal Solvent
    ; an ever present supremely blessed operative potential …

  3. Melvin on September 14, 2019 at 10:36 am

    Thank you for this wonderful blessing i have been the point of change for the past weeks ever since cumming across this channeling, my dreams are so filled with light as i find myself in other dimensions of light. I am now at the point were sometimes i dont know if a am in the body witnessing higher reality of self perceptions as a glimpse or am i still in the body as clarity awakens in me. Love is such a great feeling it burst in me all the time i am conscious of it. I just pray the next individual can share with me in this joy.

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