Channeling the Voice for God

Let Every Thought Be a Thought of God

Let every thought be a Thought of God. And let it be a thought of thanks, let it be a thought of love, let it be a thought of Truth. When you hand your mind over to the Holy Spirit, ask for the thoughts of God. Obviously, the Holy Spirit will only give you the thoughts of God. You won’t be thinking on your own, by yourself. You are not alone in your thoughts; you are absolutely not alone. We are always with you. And you are not separate from your brothers and sisters, either. There are many who are going through the same things as you. So you are not alone.

There is a need to talk more to the Holy Spirit. Make it a very conscious activity, so to speak. Consciously say, “I will walk this walk with the Holy Spirit. I will walk this walk with the Holy Spirit as my guide.” When we say that, we’re talking about going through life. And be grateful for the help that is bestowed upon you at all times.

Take the time to feel the Presence, the space of Isness. Really feel the gratitude as you go into this space. Take it with you wherever you go, setting the intention to consciously talk to the Holy Spirit. It is not to just think things and say things as though the Holy Spirit is outside of you, but it is to connect with the Isness that Is Who You Are. From there, you can absolutely feel the connectedness, the Oneness. In that space you ask and begin to talk consciously to God, who is your Self, you see? The separation begins to go away in the mind, because there is no separation. Practice this, day in, day out, moment by moment. If you feel yourself getting off track, bring yourself back into this space, because it is always available. It is never gone; it is always with you, because it is What Is, you see–All That Is.

We love you. You are blessed beyond words. Be grateful for this. And so it is. Namaste.

Channeled by Erin Michelle Galito

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