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Let Go of Your Grievances

Recently, Erin Michelle took a trip to spend the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season with her family on the East Coast of the United States. As in most people’s experience, there can be family relationships in need of healing. Erin is no exception, but when the teachings of The Master are diligently practiced, miracles of healing begin to occur. After experiencing the joy of a healed relationship, Erin is excited to return home and continue to practice Master Yeshua’s teachings. Begin channeled message:

Dear Ones,

You must continue to practice monitoring what you think and what you believe, the reactions and projections, and things of that nature. Instead of holding on to the story of the past, let it go. You see? It really is a letting go. “I want to see things differently, Holy Spirit. Help me to see this differently. There must be another way; there must be a better way.” That’s why we say if you want to see a change, you have to change it within yourself first. The mind must be healed. You must take the steps to see things differently by asking for the Holy Spirit’s assistance.

Question how you feel. Question what you think. Let go and let God. As has been said elsewhere, the first act of war is defense. Know that defense never comes from the Holy Spirit, and that negative reactions do not come from Who You Really Are. That feeling, that thought, that reaction, that addiction is so loud, it is saying one thing, “This is a call for Love. Turn to Love.” Your defenses keep out the goodness, always. If you could simply allow and let things dissipate, they disappear to show you that, in Truth, there was and is nothing going on at all. Turning back to what once seemed to be (which never was, in Truth), keeps you seemingly stuck in a pattern that does not exist.

In your relationships, turn to Love and Truth, which is Light. Hold each other in the Light. Hold all of everything in the Light. See the Light, rather than the illusion. The illusory experiences that everyone seems to have here are lies. Remember: keep deciding for Truth. Forgiveness is Truth, love is Truth, innocence is Truth. Eventually Truth will be your entire state of being. In the meantime, it is a constant moment by moment job with all of Spirit. You are not alone.

Know that all of your experiences which seem harsh and terrible are lies. Let them go! You are here to be that One who is able to step beyond the lies, bringing only Truth, and holding only Truth in everything. If someone is angry and shouting at you, you can say within your mind, “I love you. There is only love. I will not back down on account of your actions, which are illusory.” Even if you feel an illusory feeling, change your mind right then and there. Have the desire for peace and the desire for love. Say to yourself, “This cannot be Real. I choose a different way. I’m gravitating toward that way, now and forever.” That is how you heal. That decision is not only powerful, but it is necessary. As you make that decision every time, it gets easier and easier, and eventually peace and love will be your constant experience.

We encourage all of you to notice the tendencies that bring about the common result of loss of peace, handing them over rather than holding on to them. When you feel the lack of peace, know that the best step to take is the one that is least familiar to you. “I will let this go. I will hand this over. I will not believe what the mind is telling me. I will not believe what my defenses are conveying to me. I will question them. I will remember that only goodness is Real.” You can stop playing the same story over and over–those terrible tales which are on repeat, on a loop. You are more powerful than a loop!

Hold no grievances anymore. Hold none! Recognize a grievance is a lie, and decide again. Decide for Truth. Experience the healing. Bring only Light; bring only Love. That is What You Are, and that is What God Is. You are worthy of this experience because you are this. We love you forever. Namaste.

Channeled by Erin Michelle Galito

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