Channeling the Voice for God

Christmas Eve 2016 Message From the Light

I was having a conversation about God and religion, and how often people grow up with and continue to believe in the concept of separation and damnation. The Light jumped right in on this one:

“All diseases and disorders stem from the idea that you are supposed to be punished by an angry, punishing God. As you know, it is often taught as an angry, punishing father who rejects you unless you adhere perfectly to what he says. (We’re going to say he with a little “h” because you know what that is!) Indeed, this is taken into the subconscious, and has been hiding under the surface ever since. It is wonderful to understand this now and come to be able to release it.

‘We want you to move beyond the father of dis-ease and punishment. It is all nonexistent. And yes, it comes from the “father of lies.” All of that is nonexistent! It is all a lie. We want you to really feel this and allow yourselves to have a release. Let it go! Allow God to take it from you, because God is loving. God is only loving. There is no God of terror, or any of the negative things. God is only a God of Love, Joy, Freedom, and All That Is Good. And will give you everything that is Good – everything that inspires more Good.

‘We want you to accept that Christ is within you. That same religion has taught you differently. Did you even know that the teachings of Christ were for you to recognize that Christ is within you? All feelings of guilt come from that same energy that taught you that God is angry, that you need to walk on eggshells around God. Is that not limiting? And that’s so funny, because the only time that you think that you should walk on eggshells around someone is when they’re ridiculous and out of control – that they might blow up at any moment. That is not a Real God – that is an ego. You can laugh about that. That’s simply an ego – a big, inflated ego! That big inflated ego is nonexistent. The “god” that the ego is saying that it is does not exist.

‘God’s Will is for you to align with the Glory that is within you – the Christ that is within you. Recognize the awakening of this Divine Essence, Who You Really Are, the Christ Within You. It is all within you.

‘We shower you with infinite blessings, and of course, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! And so it is. Namaste.”

Erin Michelle Galito

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