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Ascension: Little Steps Become Giant Steps

This is a channeled message on Ascension from the Light to all:

“Ascension is reached from the ground up. You are meant to set your intention high and take the necessary steps to achieve your goal of raising to that high level. Then you are to do the maintenance work of keeping yourself in a high vibration.

‘So, you have your set point, where you want to be. But then you have what you all call life. That is what is tripping up so many of you. You set your goal high, but if you don’t understand completely, you become absorbed back into the illusion.

‘You must learn how to maintain the set point without becoming lost and consumed once again in the illusion, meaning your day-to-day life. You tend to fall back asleep as you become focused and involved in your daily activities. You lose conscious awareness of what is really true (your goal) until the end of the day, and you don’t know what happened!

‘As Ascension is a personal journey, you must tend to your own mind. You cannot tend to someone else’s mind, because you get confused when you do this. Things that are not yours start piling up in your mind, and then you find yourself in a mess. Really, this is what happens, and it is happening right now overall.

‘It is time to become so conscious that you will be aware of each moment. That is the work. But you can have fun while you’re doing it. Once you get the hang of it, it is so empowering. Because you are so empowered! In our book, we present processes to guide you in doing this.

‘Tend the garden that is your mind. Weed out that which does not serve. These are the things that are residual, lingering – still there – because you have not accessed them or seen them yet. They come to the surface so that you can look at them and clear them out. Recognize these things and understand that you are not to continue with them. This is your job.

‘So, we are offering to you that attaining your goal is an incremental process. It is not something that happens overnight. But, it is not a goal that is so lofty that it is unattainable. It is so doable; you can do this! It’s simply a very logical moving forward, tending to the weeds as you do so. At the same time, remain aware of your goal and what is truly Real. Rather than becoming lost in your current issues, remain aware of what you really want.

‘We want you to know your goal is Ascension. It’s the goal for all of humanity. No one is excluded from this – not a single person, not a single one of you is excluded from this magnificent goal. As you take the step-by-step actions toward the goal, doing the work and the processes, keeping yourself uplifted and in a stable mindset, you are helping the entire Universe. As you move forward, all will begin to entrain, and you will begin to experience the world you want to see.

‘The world that you see is a reflection of your own mind. If you want to see it cleaned up, you have to clean up your own mind. You must limit your attention to what does not serve, i.e., the news, the media, other people’s problems, other people’s strife, other people’s illnesses, etc. Take yourself out of looking at it as real.

‘We don’t want you to remove yourself so much that you become a cold, unfeeling person that never looks at anything. But, sometimes you can be so conscious of the suffering of others that it causes suffering within your own mind. So, of course, there’s an awareness of what is happening, but you have to learn how to be stable in every situation. You are to first bring yourself to such a level of peace, joy, and love that you are unshakeable. No matter what you are facing, no matter what the world throws at you, you must learn to remain stable, centered, and sure. Stay sure in your Higher Self and in the Truths of God. That is the goal.

‘That is our big message – those little things. Every little step you take will eventually become sweeping, giant steps. But you have to build up to that. You can’t go from here to there if a bridge has not been built yet, so to speak. Otherwise you will find yourself falling, and you’ll wonder why. Then you just become consumed by the confusion, and you never really see yourself out. So, that’s why we say to begin to move from the ground up. But don’t lose sight of the goal. We want that to be very clear. When we say work from the ground up, it means don’t neglect taking care of the little things. But, have that beautiful goal set high. That is where you are headed.

‘This will take time. In this dimension, there is time and things operate by this, right now. Yes, you can move above and beyond the illusion of time, but you have to begin at the beginning first, unless you are blessed with this ability from the onset. And there are those who are. But, for the vast majority of you, we are saying to take it step-by-step. You will get there when you get there.

‘The Universe takes time to put things in order for you, because you have to take the time to put it in order for you! You need to put this all into order for yourself, but obviously with our help! Turn it over to us every step of the way. We are always with you, but we want you to be so actively aware that you ask for our assistance with each step. Eventually, you will know that we are always with you. You’ll be so conscious, so awake and aware that you will never question if we are there or not. You will be with us, you will feel us, you will hear us, and you will know us.

‘We want you to know that we want to channel another book to tie up some loose ends, so to speak. We shower you with infinite blessings and our love. And so it is. Namaste.”

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