Channeling the Voice for God

2017: The Year of Light

A channeled New Year’s Message from the Light:

“2017 is the Year of Light. It is for coming into the new, since it is a 1 year. 2016 was a 9 year, which marks endings and wrapping things up. Release now that which does not serve, so that you can enter the New Year with a brand new perspective and a brand new intention. You are to move forward in making the changes.

‘Come to understand the difference between the Will of God and the ego will. The ego will is very pushy and harsh. The Will of God is of ease, upliftment, and of Light. God is Light and Peace, which is what this upcoming year has for everyone who decides to choose this path. We have to say this because it will not happen for you unless you choose to take this path. It is amplified right now because so many have chosen to do so. The more who choose this path, the stronger it gets, the brighter the Light. The Light is always shining, but you must choose to be aware of it. And in choosing to be aware of it, you reveal it to yourself. Do not let yourself go back into the judgment and analyzing of the ego that keeps you from the true Bliss of God, of Love.

‘We want you to come to the Light to understand that it is already you. It is not something outside of you. Stop looking outside of you; it is already you. You are the Light. The Year of Light is you finding out that you are the Light. Sit with that and remind yourself of this every day. That is how you allow the Light to become more present in your life. Allow the Light to guide you.

‘Let go of all that does not serve, all that holds you back, all that keeps you from seeing the Light within each individual and each situation. Instead, move beyond the ego judgment to see the Light at every point, because each of you is a point of Light. It is time for you to awaken to the Truth, which is that you are the Light. You don’t need to search outside yourself. The Light is already there. It is already present.

‘Start believing that God is within you, and that you are empowered and powerful. Know that you are taken care of, that God is with you and within you, that there is such a thing as Grace, that there is such a thing as Mercy, and that there is such a thing as Compassion. This is Unconditional Love. No matter what you do or what you have done, it is all nothing in the Mind of God. It’s nothing! You are free. You are Light. You are not to feel guilty, causing you to feel more separate from God.

‘Don’t take things so seriously, or put so much emphasis on that which does not serve. Find it within you to enjoy each moment as much as possible, to realize that Joy is within you, and that you are One with Joy in Truth. Don’t believe your thoughts that hold you apart from the wondrous being that you already are. Stop believing your thoughts at all!

‘It is God’s Will that you embrace the Light. Embracing the Light means that all that is good is coming to you. Make the decision to align with the Truth that what God is providing for you is all that is good. Anything else is not a part of God.

‘It is very obvious what is in alignment with the Light. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Kindness is a part of Light. Self-kindness is included in this. Self-Kindness will help you be kinder to others, and vice versa.

‘It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that lightheartedness is a part of being Light. You don’t have to be what they call genius to understand that the Will of God is that you feel good, and that you be happy. That is what you are to do: find happiness no matter where you are or whatever situation you may find yourself in.

‘You must pay attention and not let the ego take you down. Stop listening to the harmful voices in the back of or the fore of your mind that shout at you. Stop doing that. Just believe the Truth that the Light is within you, that you are the Light,  and it is so. Be the Light, and be led by the Light.

‘Make this a year of choosing to feel the best that you can from wherever you are. Be kind to yourself in all situations. The Grace of God is here when you ask for it. You must ask, because we cannot cross your free will, because it is given. God can help you in this, but you must be aware and willing to let go and let God. We are here to help, but you must actually decide to make these changes.

‘Enjoy every moment of your life, just doing whatever you are doing. God is with you. Relax, align, and enjoy. We want you to have a good time. The high energy of Joy is so crucial for your upliftment. So, always have a good time. Choose to do so, and it is so! It is up to you what kind of year this is going to be.

We shower you with infinite blessings. They are unending, never ceasing, and always present. Namaste.”

Happy New Year and Blessings, Love, and Light to all!

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Erin Michelle Galito

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