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Channeled Message from the Light: Forming New Neural Pathways

My mom, Pam, who transcribes and formats the channeled material for publication, was explaining to my dad how looking at a diagram of an electron cloud around the nucleus of an atom enabled her to more fully grasp that the earth plane is a system of energy and illusion. Pam has asked the Highest Order of the Light (or simply, the Light) for assistance in overcoming the analytical thinking that has become so practiced that she somehow still doesn’t fully believe her own spiritual and psychic experiences.

In the midst of the conversation, I was prompted to walk in the room, and to explain how, in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the Light taught me about creating new neural pathways in the brain. Within moments, the Light began channeling:

It is not for you to turn everything from where you are spiritually to science, but you are to provide evidence of this. A few things here and there, so that those more scientifically based can come to understand in a deeper way.

If you shift your thoughts and change your focus, it actually does create new neural pathways. It is something that is very easily documented. If you ever wanted to do this, you could. Of course, you would need a team of scientific researchers, because we don’t see anyone who readily has these tools on hand to document this. But it would be fun (if a scientist would agree to do this) to document a person retraining his or her brain. You can actually go through and see the new neural pathways form. This is why you are not to do these things: you don’t have all the knowledge. Is this clear?

This is not something that is foreign. It is so fun, because you can see it! This is big. You want a better life? Lay some new pathways. Train your mind differently. Get yourselves out of the worn thought patterns with which your brains are so wrought. Yes, everything is energy. This is also reflected in your physical body. The brain has lots of energy activity and is energy, in Truth. It is energy, but it is documentable in this physical world.

For all those out there that have difficulty understanding this from that standpoint, it is documentable, and you can track it. It’s quite exciting, because it shows you exactly what is happening – what you are doing when you change your focus and your thoughts, and you start a new pattern. This is how you break down the patterns…the cycles, yes! We often speak of cycles that need to be broken, and these are the patterns of thinking that are in your mind. They are in your physical brain and in your body. It is all illusion, yes, but all of this manifests physically.

We have been trying to teach the channel this information for a very long time. Yes, we did start to teach her these things in 2011. We showed her how the energy moves through the brain, and how it is you presently focus on things. You need to…how do you say…release yourself or free yourself in order to use the totality of your brain. So much of the brain is dormant, because physical humans are so linear in their thinking. It leaves you confused.

You are so powerful! You don’t need to keep these cycles, even in your brain. All that you perceive is in your mind, reflected in your brain, and easy to adjust with practice and patience. It does take both of those. You have to be diligent, and you have to be willing. You have to work at it. As you do this, it’s a lot of fun to know that it is something that can be scientifically documented.

It will be very interesting to see over the next years, decades, and so on, what comes to the fore in the science and medical communities. They will discover a way to enable you to see these new pathways forming in the brain, and you will become more aware of these kinds of things. Not right this moment, but it is coming in time. That is a sign of Awakening: a greater understanding of how the brain correlates with all of this.

We’ve wanted to get this message through for a long time in order to provide greater understanding for those out there who aren’t part of this spiritual community. Even though everyone is spiritual in Truth, this still needs to be shown. This is so fun! We like to talk about this, because we’ve been trying to get her (the channel) to see how these things occur in the first place. It’s very fascinating. So, that’s why we say to break all these cycles! Stop this and start moving in a different direction. It’s so easy from our perspective, by the way, to see how you can choose to think differently, to see differently, to perceive differently, to choose that which benefits you and benefits all – all the time! It is so exciting because it is so easy to document.

And so it is. We shower you with all that is good. This is all for now. Namaste.

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