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Ascension: Your Personal Journey

The other day in meditation some questions were running in my mind. I wanted to know how to explain Ascension in a more grounded way. The Light has taught me that it is a personal spiritual journey, but as the Light touched on briefly in the last blog post, it can be physically documented in the brain. The Light also said that we continue cycling the same stories over and over here in the earth plane. Laying new pathways in the brain will help us to break these cycles, which will enable us to rise to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

But what is it that I’m doing on a day-to-day basis that makes it so much easier for me now? I’ve been practicing this for many years, and I have just recently learned that the gaps between the synapses in my brain have been closed or bridged. These bridged gaps make it virtually impossible to slip back into the old patterns. I have developed greater awareness of myself, of all others who enter into my experience, and with the totality of life. At this point, I am always looking to improve. That’s what’s so exciting – it’s a never-ending process. With the guidance and assistance of the Light, I have been able to reach higher and higher points of being.

Here is the answer I received from the Light to the questions that came to mind during my meditation:

Ascension is a completely personal journey. Your personal journey can uplift millions of others, but it starts with you and your own mind. It’s your world. If you don’t uplift your world and your mind, you are just as lost as everyone else. Ascension is mental and emotional. This is where it begins – with you and only you. If you are not there, you cannot bring anyone else there. Choose to feel good simply because it feels so good! Make this commitment every day. You then attract more goodness, and because everything is only in your own mind, your world and your experiences become better.

You may be aware of things that are not in alignment with feeling good, but you can choose how you approach them or how you react to them. It is a choice to bring these things into your experience, or not. Choose to see only Light, even in the (seemingly) darkest places. Remain in your higher-level emotions as much as you can, and do not go looking for these dark places. If you do encounter something that troubles you, you can bring the Light. You are to remain unshakeable and unwavering in the Truth, holding that there is only God, there is only Light, there is only Joy, there is only Love, and there is only All That Is Good.

Nothing of a lower nature exists in the Mind of God, and therefore, it does not truly exist. It is a part of the illusion. Joining in the anger, suffering, and fear does not heal anything. Fear is rampant for most of humanity, but you don’t have to feel it. You don’t have to be it. What you are to be is the Light, because, innately, you already are the Light. That is how you achieve Ascension and uplift consciousness: by being the Light and only the Light as much as you can. Understand that when you do this, you are powerfully lifting up the entire situation. It means you are lifting up the entire world and the entire Universe. It is an energetic thing, not seen by all. But you can feel it. The stronger it gets, the bigger it gets, the stronger it gets, the bigger it gets.

You are to continue your journey of upliftment. Stop worrying about whether your brothers and sisters are going up with you. Trust that humanity is capable of drawing into alignment with this feeling of upliftment and the Truth of Light. Believe that if you are awakened, the rest of humanity is capable of awakening. It is natural, and it will happen just because it is God’s Will.

We understand that the word “Ascension” can seem big and daunting. You might think you need to ascend off the planet! But really, it is mentally and emotionally moving your consciousness up into higher-level emotions such as happiness and gratitude. How do you do this? You simply make the choice. Be aware that ego will try to distract you and drag you back down, but each time you can choose better. Decide what is best for you in the moment. It is really a moment-by-moment endeavor. Every moment you make choices until there are no longer choices to be made. You will simply be. Your life and your world will become a place of beauty, peace, and joy, with deeper connections between yourself and others. And so it is. Namaste.

We are all works in progress. The best thing we can do is to enjoy the journey as much as we can, trying not to beat up on ourselves, and continuing to put one awakening foot in front of the other.

The Light has given us processes that can be found in our book Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension, which you can check out by clicking this link. That’s about all I have for now. Until next time! 🙂

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